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CNC - machining aluminum -

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Region: cały kraj
Firma: Nordmet
Strona www:
dodano: 2017.06.22
ważne do: 2019.04.28
wyświetleń: 26

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Nordmet is a company specializing in machining. The assortment of the company is quite wide as it offers the production of lamps, metal and wooden items. NORDMET is one of the Søe Jensen & Co. group companies. Since 1862 Copenhagen, Denmark. The offered services can be modified voluntarily to meet all the requirements of their customers. Despite the fact that the company is not large, it is characterized by professionalism and a reliable approach to its duties. Employees try to do everything in their power to meet and even exceed the requirements of their clients. The company is ambitious and puts on continuous development and expansion of its business. At present, you can find lamp production and a wide gamut of machining services for CNC machines. Among them are wood processing, aluminum or cutting steel.
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