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Region: cały kraj
Osoba: darek
dodano: 2019.05.12
ważne do: 2019.08.10
wyświetleń: 217

Szczegóły oferty:

Hello, those who have a good heart, "Give and people will give you. (...) For what measure do you measure, so they will give you in return "(Luke 6:38). I am looking for help for a sick 50 l, is ill from 8 years on crutches, is in a very critical situation and is waiting for granting him pension for two years fights cancer disease slowly kills him is true sometimes there is no lip, put in a day there is not even the bread he lacks the purchase of medicines, I do not hide it, I am looking for someone who would give him any clothes, no practically nothing but what he wears, I would like his life to be ine, but I can not do it alone, so I am asking for help and support if he deserves it. , do not judge me sometimes, OPS, give me 200 zlotys a month, I will gladly accept every little thing, I would be very grateful for everything. When you do something good for others, you have greater respect and a sense of satisfaction for yourself. The Bible says:
"More happiness results from giving than from receiving" (Acts 20:35).
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