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Region: cały kraj
Osoba: Angela
Miasto: London
Kod pocztowy: SW16 5AA
Ulica: Aberfoyle Road
dodano: 2020.04.26
ważne do: 2020.05.26
wyświetleń: 81

Szczegóły oferty:

Avon costs nothing to try. When you Join Avon you will be given your own personal Avon website and you will also be given your own Avon Online Shop from which you can sell all over the UK. Avon make the delivery and you still get commission. Online Store Customers will receive a FREE delivery when they spend over £20. No risk! There is a contract to sign, but it is only to state that you agree to the terms and conditions of being a representative. There is no time limit on the contract, and there is no fee or penalty to ending your relationship with AVON. What happens after you sign up to sell Avon? In a few easy steps, you can become an Avon Representative and start your own business. You must be over 18 to apply. You can sign up today over a video call if you have photo ID and address proof and get started with full training plus you can now open your very own Online Avon Store to share on all of your social media for even more earning opportunities. We haven't got administration charge any more and you can choose your own start pack. JUST NOW ORDER THE £15 STARER KIT AND YOU WILL GET IT FOR FREE! You can also choose different pack with discounted price for cosmetics. It's only one chance to order it for that low price. Photos of packs below. All packs contains free basic starter. If you want to resign you can return it in full between 14 days or pay for it in 13 days from invoice date. Main profits of joining now: * AMAZING OPPORTUNITY TO EARN MONEY EVERY TIME WHEN YOU PLACE AN ORDER OR RECEIVE ORDER FROM YOUR DIRECT ONLINE CUSTOMER! * FREE JOINING (FREE STARTER KIT AND NOT ADMINISTRATION FEE)! * 20% DISCOUNT FROM £1 (25% FROM £170, 30% FOR ALL DESTILLERY RANGE) * ALL DELIVERIES (OVER £30) AND RETURNS ARE FREE! * ACCESS TO DISCOUNTED PRODUCTS FOR YOURSELF, FRIENDS AND FAMILY! * OPPORTUNITY TO BECAME A SALES LEADER (UNLIMITED EARNING OPPORTUNITY) Sounds good? Apply here:
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